NUR Motorsport is the UKs leading manufacturer of Carbon Fibre/GRP composite products for fast road and track cars. We specialise in precision engineering for all race-car parts.

Restoration & Bodyshop

NUR Motorsport has a wealth of experience in classic car restoration. Our restoration department uses proven techniques and processes to carefully dismantle, label and store all usable parts from your pride & joy!

Here is a brief overview of what to expect when we restore your Porsche.

Upon initial enquiry about your project you will be invited down at your convenience to view our facility! A tour around our workshops will show you the level of care that we take to ensure your project will be the best it can be!

Once you’ve decided that you want to start your vehicle restoration with us, the first step is for us to inspect it.

Is stage 1 the start or is it stage 2…. what I mean is the typical client youll sell 100k job too will be one that either knows you and if they don’t surely they would want to see your facilities. If it was me id book them in to talk about their job get them to come down and see the show room current projects, the board room – draw the enthusiasm out of them when “speccing” the project in the board room – this would be a great way to upsell to them… whilst they have the horn!!!!
If you can’t get your car to us, we offer a transportation service (POA)

The purpose of this stage is to assess the parts of the car for their condition to ensure our level of quality in the end product is retained.

You’ll receive a report of our findings to guide you with your restoration, detailing the level of work that needs to be done as well as the timescale it will take to do so. (This is a guideline only because we never know what the full extent of work will be until we strip down the entire body, engine and gearbox.)
Keep this off the website but have it on the terms on the bottom of the job card (just next to where the customer signs to authorise you to undertake the work) because this rule typically applies to most works you will undertake…ever!!!

We work with you on the agreement and understanding that we will communicate any changes or unforeseen circumstances as soon as we find them during the strip down process and work with you to resolve any hurdles we may face.

The next part of your vehicle restoration is the process of stripping everything back to the individual parts. The reduction process is applied to the following areas:

Engine – Body – Gearbox – Interior

This stage will allow us to have a much better insight into the project and we will be able to advise what parts can be retained, what will be reconditioned and what needs to be replaced using our extensive parts catalogue that we keep on site.


Bodywork, back to a bare metal shell – Engine (bare block rebuild) – Gearbox (strip and clean) – Suspension (various upgrades are available)
Brakes (various upgrades are available) – Interior (various customisation options are available) – Paint Shell ( in oe or custom colours)

Once every part of your vehicle has been split down and repaired or replaced, we commence our re-build process – meticulously re assembling your car back to your specification.

Once completed, your car will go through a very particular quality check process before we hand the vehicle back to you.

We will send you away happy with a photographic portfolio of the restoration and hope that this is the beginning of a long relationship, keeping the car in the best shape it can be in for years to come.

This is what we call in the sales world a USP-UNIQUE SELLING POINT I think this would come into the pitch stage when selling to a customer… at the spec stage for example and a reason why you’d use NUR MOTORSPORT over your competitors… which are ? who ? what do they do? Why do they have such a good reputation? In this day and age are you really going to hand over a portfolio of greasy pictures to a client that’s just spent 100k ish? Probably not…. look at the digital options here because I think you’ve got a good idea, things like CitNOW are live and instant with no print costs and you could do this on a way smaller but effective scale.

Potential for greatness here well done!!!!!