NUR Motorsport is the UKs leading manufacturer of Carbon Fibre/GRP composite products for fast road and track cars. We specialise in precision engineering for all race-car parts.

NUR Motorsport Composites

What we offer
Our team, with over three decades in the industry, provide solutions from concept to completion. Stringent quality control and inspection procedures ensure exceptional quality that often exceeds expectations.

Composite Production
We produce Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, and Carbon Kevlar, mouldings in Polyester, Epoxy, Vinyl-ester and Phenolic Resins using a traditional hand-lay method as well as a press moulding, resin injection, pre preg and auto clave technology.

Glass Reinforced Plastic
Glass Reinforced Plastic, commonly known as GRP or sometimes FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic), is a composite laminate of glass fibres in a polyester resin matrix. GRP is a highly versatile material that can be used in anything from seats, splitters or body panels.

We can manufacture anything for you, producing bespoke mouldings in house from your concept to enable completion.

If you have any queries regarding our work, for an on-going project, concept or idea, please contact us with any questions you have on:
0118 959 4866   |    [email protected]