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Track Preparation

We offer a comprehensive range of services for many different makes of vehicles and applications. Our specialist team provide professional advice for the servicing of cars which are due on the race track.
Whether your needs are roll cage or bucket seat installation, suspension modification, brake enhancement or much more, we can help. Here are some examples:

Suspension Setup:

We offer a comprehensive suspension setup service through our Chassis Engineer, Colin Davids, which can include all aspects of geometry, damping and spring tailoring.
We can also accompany you to the track and Colin will refine the setup of the car on location taking into account tyre temperatures and handling characteristics found on the day. Prices depend entirely on the application, please phone for details.

Driver Tuition:

Suspension 1     Suspension 2     Colin 2
Colin Davids can also provide a driver tuition service on track, his wealth of racing experience makes this an invaluable tool, improving Noels laptime at Brands Hatch by 4 seconds with an hours tuition. Click here for more details on Colins racing background.

Bonnet catch installation:

Bonnet catches are a easy way to use a carbon fibre panel skin, thus allowing the lightest possible weight. We recommend the use of Aerocatches where possible which improve the looks of the car over normal pins whist having the possibility of a locking mechanism to protect your valuable engine components.


Aerocatch supply and fit 1 pair £160          Bonnet pins pair supplied and fitted £75


Rollcage Manufacture and Fitting:

We can custom design manufacture and fit a roll cage to fit the exact needs of your car. Prices depend on the level of cage and complexity of fitting, please call to enquire.
 200sx cage     maxi 306 cage     maxi 306 1 
200sx 2     GT2 cage     GT2 Cage

Race Technology Electronics Fitment:

We are a distributor of Race Technologies electronics units for Dashboard displays, data logging and video overlay. We are using these units in our 200SX, R34 Skyline, Porsche GT2, Supra and Cossie 306 and have extensive knowledge of the fitment, configuration and optimisation of them. We can supply and fit these units, any required sensors and configure them to your needs as well as tutoring you in the use of the analysis and configuration software. You can see our technician configuring the Dash 2 systems Gear Position indicator in our Skyline R34 in this video (courtesy of Fueltopia) from 0:23 onwards.
 Dash 1     Dash 2     Dash 3 

Suspension, Turbocharging and Cooling Conversions:

In addition to the above we are currently developing a range of other services we can offer for the Porsche market, including turbocharger and suspension conversions and uprated cooling. Call for details.
 Porsche      Porsche 2
Porsche 3     Porsche 4 

Metal Preparation and refinishing:

 Terry, our in house bodywork specialist is able to complete any sort of metal finishing service that is required. His work is shown in the preparation of our previously rusty RS 74 Replica, and the refinishing of a customers exhaust below. Contact us for details.
Exhaust 1     Exhaust 2     Exhaust 3
Exhaust 4     Exhaust 5