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Project Cars

Project Cars

Dave Cherry's Carbon Porsche 993 GT2 Replica Conversion


21st July 2010

Dave Cherry popped in to have its exhaust tips swapped for some straight items. These will allow Dave to fit Supertrapp silencers as the car is a little loud for trackdays without them. The car is looking better than ever and this was the final stage of our work on it.




11th May 2010

Dave's car has now had the engine and brake fluids replaced and has been started up to check all is working. Also we have had to replace the brake servo as we found that it was damaged and that this was causing the pedal to stick.




30th April 2010

Dave's Porsche is now back from the bodyshop for the final fit and finish, and the engine is currently receiving fluids and being checked over by Northway Porsche to ensure it runs smoothly for Dave.




2nd April 2010

Work continues on Dave's car. Now all that remains is for final fitting of the interior, bumper supports, rear end carbon trim parts, and a final polishing.






5th March 2010

Dave's car has now returned from the bodyshop and we are very pleased with the results. The splitter, rear spoiler and front and rear bumpers for the car have been completed and interior trim is being installed.






27th January 2010

Dave's car is now at the bodyshop, the rear quarters are being smoothed into the rest of the car and the whole car is being painted, flatted and polished. This is a crucial time heavy stage of the build as it will ensure the pristine look of the car that we are aiming for.



31st December 09

Work has progressed well with Dave's car. The Engine cover that was being moulded at the last update has now been completed and fitted to the car. We are very happy with the weight and strength of this, it is perfectly rigid whilst being light enough that the original dampers raise it fully unless it is secured down.

The rear bumper that was being fitted at the last update is now installed, with the engine cover this completes the look of the rear of the car, which as you can see in the 5th picture below is practically all carbon, only the pillars remaining in metal. We are confident that this car should achieve an impressive weight reduction over the standard model.

Towards the front the bumper mould is being completed, which once produced will be the last exterior part of the car along with the rear wing to be made in carbon.

The interior carbon fibre is also coming together, the dash panel is complete and as you can see looks excellent with the clocks and trim parts. At the rear bulkhead we have made a carbon panel to cover the aperture necessary to maintain the supercharger, with a little sound deadening this should work well.







9th December 09

Dave Cherry's Supercharged Porsche Project is coming on well. The car sat on its wheels and the KW Clubsport Suspension kit has now been installed.

Work on the interior is beginning, the loom and ECU is installed and now the trim pieces are being manufactured, the first being a carbon fibre dash plate to surround the heater controls, radio etc as you can see below.

The last complex moulds have been made, with the GT2 rear wing/engine cover now being made in carbon. Also the rear bumper is now complete, is an excellent light weight and is being test fitted on the car at this instant.









21st September 09

Since the last update a lot has happened to the Porsche, its full painted and the engine has been installed along with all ancillaries from the donor car.





9th September 09

Since the last update many of the carbon panels for Dave's car have been produced, leaving only the roof, engine cover and bumpers to be laid up. The car itself has now been primered and we are expecting to receive it during this week to begin work on the reassembly.







3rd August 09

The roll cage for the Porsche 993 is now nearing completion, with a few more key bars to complete the welding. After this the cars will be shipped back to our workshop for the engine swap and rebuild to begin.





15th July 09

The car has been progressing slowly since the last update, the rollcage is now being welded up and is going into the car, as you can see it is a tight fit to the pillars which is very good.





18th June 09

The rollcage for Dave's Porsche has finally arrived after some long delays. It is a 6 Point club kit which will be added to in order to make bring it to the same specification as the roll cage in our Porsche GT2 Rep.

In the meantime the roof has been finished and is now primered, and the car has been cleaned, prepped and smoothed throughout to make applying paint easier and to prepare for seam welding.






Here you can see the final result of the straightening work mentioned above in the jig phase, our bodyshop has made this area look as new as well as returning strength to the area.





May 09

We have been commissioned by Dave Cherry to build a 993 GT2 replica similar to our 993 but with our 993 GT2 carbon body conversion kit.

Dave has spent a great deal of time and money tuning a 993 Supercharged engine conversion that is in his yellow Convertible, unfortunately over the winter he had an accident that wrote off the car, but the engine is still intact. This engine develops in the region of 470bhp so this will be transferred by us to the new chassis.

The new chassis is a 993 Turbo 4 rolling shell, this will be thoroughly restored to as new condition, then the shell will be soda blasted which is similar to sand blasting but does not leave sand in areas tricky to access. once this is done the shell will be seam welded, then a full roll cage similar in design to ours will be manufactured and installed by us.

In addition we will be installing a switchable ABS System and a fully adjustable Traction and Launch control system to help Dave on the track.

The cars as they came:




The car to be converted, 993 Turbo Bodyshell.





The donor car for the engine, wheels, brakes and various parts.




The Project car on the jig checking for any chassis alignment issues.





The Project car after being stripped and being steam cleaned.




The roof cut out to prepare for the carbon panel and the gutters have miraculously disappeared from the Pillars.