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Friday 27th April 2012

The MR2 has been going through further improvements.

All of the rear lower arms were replaced for polybushed items. Adjustable camber bolts were fitted to the rear to allow for further tuning. Also on the rear, the standard ARB was replaced for an after market one while up front the after market ARB was changed back to the original OEM item due to the ride being too hard on the front of the vehicle.

Both front coilovers were changed as there was clear knocking from the front shocks. Other work included the turbo being 'clocked' as the oil lines were making contact with the exhaust manifold which ment some modification to the turbo actuator had to be carried out to prevent the actuator from jamming open, while doing this the waterlines were also relocated as they to were close to the manifold. 

Finally a new alternator was fitted to replace the faulty original, and an oil and filter change carried out.