If you're reading this I'm sure you're aware our Ford Puma is due for a front cover magazine feature with Fast Ford.

All too often we read through these magazines and admire the images which always seem to be of an exceptionally high standard. But while waiting for the guys to head over to shoot the car, I began to think about the fact you rarely get to see just how these images were captured. So during the shoot i grabbed my camera and began taking pictures of my own, so that NUR Motorsport can offer you a unique look at what went on 'Behind the Scenes' at the shoot.

Now to begin with the photographer wanted to get the front cover shot done. So a good few hours were spent setting up equipment and moving the car around while taking several shots to ensure we captured the car at it's best. The following images show this taking place.    



The next stage was to find a suitable location to continue the shots for the rest of the feature. We were fortunate enough to find some nice backdrops amongst a yard belonging to a scaffold company, so after transferring the equipment over to the next location more camera magic took place.


To finish off the shoot,we decided on one more slight change of scenery to add some variety.

It was finally decided enough had been captured. So with a camera full of some exceptional shots ready to be edited,  the kit was packed up. Which left just the write up itself to be accomplished in order to compliment such photography.

I hope this small insight into some of the stuff that goes on during magazine shoots has been one of interest, and be sure to pick up a copy of Fast Ford when it's released.

I will end this by saying thanks to Fast Ford for taking on the feature, to James Lipman who was responsible for the photography,  to Nick Turner for taking on the task of writing up the feature and finally to the guys at JDModified who have been helping with the final tweaks to the car.