Friday 27th April 2012

Since the photoshoot for the magazine feature (which is now released) the puma has undergone further improvements. 

The head has had a full refurbishment which included new valve stem seals, valves ground in, head skimmed and new hydraulic INA tappets. The thermostat was faulty so was replaced with a fresh one and also various small oil leaks had become apparent so these were carefully tended to in order to insure the health of the engine.

The car also had the map tweaked and map type changed from a throttle position setup to a map sensor setup.


2nd March 2012

The Puma is now undergoing it's final stages, which is great as Fast Ford will be running a magazine feature upon completion.

There is some small mechanical repairs being made along with some wiring being tidied up, just to  bring it up to our high standards. The engine ECU will then have some final tweaks to get her purring and performing as intended.

Following this, the full car will have the bodywork fully cleaned and touched up so that shes aesthetically pleasing.

Pics and final updates to follow shortly!!

17th December 2010

 Since the previous update we have made good progress on the puma, the carbon fibre tailgate is now complete.

The tailgate uses the same Carbon-Kevlar layup as previously used on the rear quarters, as you can see in the last picture below. This means excellent strength is achieved with little weight which is our main aim.

Here is a comparison of the various panel weights in Kilograms. It is clear how our use of Carbon-Fibre/ Carbon-Kevlar on this car is going to reduce the weight significantly.

The bonnet and front wings are now fully moulded so these will be the next additions to this car in carbon.





Carbon/ Carbon Kevlar
Rear quarter (each) 10.3 2.7
Doors (each) 36.1 6
Tailgate 47.8 6
Rear Bumper 20.2 0.8
Front Bumper 10  2


2017-12-10%20059_small.jpg   2017-12-10%20046_small.jpg   2017-12-10%20056_small.jpg


2017-12-10%20043_small.jpg   2017-12-10%20053_small.jpg   2017-12-10%20063_small.jpg


27th November 2010

The rear quarters and bumper are now complete in carbon fibre and on the car For the Puma Time Attack car we have tried a new laminating routine using both Carbon-Fibre and Carbon-Kevlar, and this has given the panels a great deal of strength for much less weight, even than our normal carbon lay up. Work is now going on to do the same to the front wings and bumper.

As you can see below the finish of the new lay up is just as good, the quarters reaching from the A pillars and sills to the rear bumper create a large unbroken section which looks excellent. We are constructing Carbon-Kevlar wheel arch liners to cover the inner rear quarters and protect from debris, mud and water getting flung around these areas.

The car is starting to have the engine fitted on Monday, the engine has made 517hp so far on the dyno, in part due to the 8 injector manifold, using a two stage system on smaller injectors whereas a set of 4 large injectors would risk bore wash. When this is completed the front wings, bumper and bonnet with Cosworth vents will be put on, and moulding will begin on the roof. When we are finished there will not be a panel on the car not in carbon fibre.


2027-11-10%20012_small.jpg  2027-11-10%20020_small.jpg  2027-114-10%20173_small.jpg


2027-11-10%205174_small.jpg      2027-11-10%204179_small.jpg      2027-11-10%207178_small.jpg


2027-11-10%20175_small.jpg  2027-11-10%20025_small.jpg  2027-11-10%20172_small.jpg


9th October 2010

Our Puma is now being prepped for moulding of the entire rear end. We will be taking a mould from the A Pillar, across to the rear quarter and the entire rear bumper. This will be made in a bumper and a quarter section for production.

When made in carbon these parts will allow us to remove the steel bodywork and plastic/foam crash structure at the rear which should save a considerable amount of weight. Also in this area we will be dramatically light weighting the doors and bootlid as these parts have been found to be excessively heavy.


2008-10-10%20171_small.jpg  2008-10-10%20172_small.jpg  2008-10-10%20173_small.jpg 


3rd June 2010

We have finished with the rear arches on the puma, the filler work is completed and the arches smoothed to our satisfaction, and they are now in primer.

They will remain like this whilst the next stage is completed, the installation of the block from a 580Hp Sierra Sapphire and the tuned manifolds from our 306 Cosworth, this is waiting on a part to go ahead.


2003-06-10%20003_small.jpg  2003-06-10%20004_small.jpg  2003-06-10%20005_small.jpg


11th May 2010

We have installed one of our standard wing blades as an extra rear wing element on top of the original WRC spec spoiler. Also we have installed arch extensions to the rear end with cut out elements to the rear of them. This should allow us to get the extra width and contact patch we desire and evacuate the turbulent air from the arch. As you can see from the pictures the arches are yet to be smoothed in and painted.

Today the dash for the puma is being set up so that all the sensors read correctly and the gear display is calibrated so that it reads the correct ratios. In the engine bay the air filter has been located, our carbon cam cover and other trim pieces of carbon have been installed.


30th April 2010

We have started carrying out work on the Puma, a good deal of Carbon fibre has been used to tidy the dashboard, cut away sections of door card that were removed for the rollcage, and engine bay.

Also we have installed a Race Technology Dash 2 Digi-Dash as with our other cars, an OMP Corsica Steering wheel, replaced 4wd rear diff with a stronger 2wd item. Also we have transplanted our GT30 from the 306 and put a new head gasket onto this engine, which will later be replaced with the block from a 580hp Ford Sapphire we have received.

Also we have taken the rear beam from the Cosworth and used the adjustable features of this and the adjustable rod ends installed on the trailing arms of this car we will have a fully adjustable suspension system. The trailing arms needed tidying up as shown below.

The Coilovers that were supplied with the car are completely wrong for what we need in terms of setup, the shims have been damaged in hard use and are road only items so we are working with GAZ to get some custom items made.

21st April 2010

We have just received a Ford Puma which has been race prepared by a previous owner, and we plan to use this in conjunction with parts from our 306 Cosworth in order to quickly prepare a formidable machine for the last two rounds of Time Attack this year. Below are pictures of the car as it arrived.

A quick spec list of the car is:

Full MSA/ FIA approved roll cage
Compomotive MO 6 Spoke wheels
Ford WRC Composite bodykit
GAZ Coilover Suspension
Cosworth YB 2WD Engine and Drive-train
Race prepared interior-
Sparco Pro 2000 Bucket seats
Sabelt and SRS 5 Point Harnesses
Custom Flocked Dashboard
Race aluminium Fuel Tank