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Colin Davids Racing

Colin is a excellent driver and fields a Porsche 911 RS in the Heritage GT championship, running consistently at the top of his class in 2007 and 2008, as well as looking after several race cars including Mal Davisons Noble that we have done some carbon fibre parts for. His past experience includes Group A, Group N, Clubmans, Supersports and the Ferrari Challenge. Please see the CV below for further details.

We have recruited Colin onto our team and he will be providing driver tuition for Noel for the upcoming season, and also his extensive knowledge of car setup will be applied to our and customers cars which will hopefully give us an edge in any competition this season.


Colin Davids Racing CV

Race Preparation and Team Management since 1977

Specialising in:

 Suspension, set up and development

Driver tuition and development

Prepared cars previously for:

John Cleland- Twice BTCC champion

Tim Harvey- Twice BTCC champion

Tom Dodd-Noble- Le Man 24 hours class winner

Tony Lanfranchi

Gerry Marshal

James Kaye

Among many others.

Race Driving:

Production Saloon .. Champion in 1982 – 89

Group N saloon champion.. 1992

Single Seater sports car.. 1990

Marranello Ferrari championship runner up.. 1999

Race winner since 1999 to date in Ferrari, Porsche and Noble M400


Plans to race 3.5 litre Porsche 911 and 2.9 Cosworth engine Ford Capri in Classics Sport and Saloon Race Championship and develop race and specialist cars here at NUR. Also I will be developing the chassis and suspension for good tyre management and grip on NUR’s and any customers cars

Colin Porsche     Colins Testarossa

Colin's Porsche in the Heritage GT Series which also runs in the CSCC and leading in a Testarossa in the Ferrari Challenge.

Colin can also provide a driver tuition service on track, his wealth of racing experience makes this an invaluable tool, improving Noels laptime at Brands Hatch by 4 seconds with an hours tuition.


Colin and noel 1     Colin and Noel Track          
Colin Tutoring Noel and testing the car at Brands Hatch.